Danish documentary series broadcasted on TV2 Nov. 2014

This series of three episodes sought to explore the effects and consequences of fertility treatments using unknown sperm donors. These included:
Episode 1: The Anonymous Fathers
Episode 2: The Hidden Diseases
Episode 3: Children at every price?

For this series I worked on research, developing concept, casting, writing manuscripts, filming (camjo), interviewing, and making pre edits for the editor in timelines.
One of our cases for this series, was the 18-year old, Helle. I followed her with a camera for 3-4 months while she tried to find her sperm donor and potential half siblings. In this clip Helle finally receives a letter from the hospital where she was born - a letter that may contain important information about the anonymous man that made her existence possible.

In a facebook group for donor children, Helle finds another girl that share the same donor number. However, they cannot be sure if they are related since the girl has two numbers and do not know which is the right one! The girl's mother was namely inseminated using two donors within 24 hours. To find out if they are half siblings, Helle and the girl take a DNA-test via post. In this clip the two girls meet for the first time and get the results - are they sisters or not? (The other girl is kept anonymous to not reveal to family friends, colleagues etc. that the father she grew up with, is not her biological father).

Danish Documentary broadcasted on TV2 March 2014

During my internship at Gong Media, I worked on this documentary about Joakim, a 22-year old boy who, in a psychotic frenzy, killed his own mother. Now his three siblings, who desperately called for help, ask how their brother could end up as a killer? Throughout his teenage years he struggled with hallucinations and voices in his head - something that made him both suicidal and homicidal. Although he went in and out of the psychiatric system, doctors and psychiatrists did not manage to prevent Joakim from hurting himself and others.
By shedding light into Joakim's story this documentary investigates the current psychiatric system in Denmark - and whether it is essentially capable of taking care of patients like Joakim.

For this documentary my tasks included filming articles, official documents and an expert interview, as well as planning/assisting/filming re-enactment clips, casting extras and taking press photos.